Monday, September 25, 2017
6:00 – 9:00 PM
Service begins promptly at 6:15 PM

$75 per person
(includes tax and gratuity)

Sunshine German-style Pils – 4.5% abv
Maryland crab salad: lemon, celery, chives, sesame cracker
Crawfish hush puppy: lemon zest, corn, Old Bay

LaGrave Triple Golden Ale – 8.0% abv
Pan-fried pear, pork, and shrimp dumpling:
white pepper, soy, scallion, 
ginger, garlic
Smoked salmon crostini: bagel chip, dill cream cheese, salmon roe

Perpetual American IPA – 7.5% abv
Black bean purée tostada: avocado, crema,
grilled grapefruit pearls, cilantro
NY strip tostada: grilled tomato-jalapeño salsa, cilantro, lime

Hop Knife Harvest Ale – 6.2 % abv
Pretzel bun: crispy weisswurst, German mustard, sauerkraut
Heirloom tomato risotto cake: crispy chicken skin, espellette, parmigiana

Nimble Giant Double IPA – 9.0% abv
Thai shrimp lettuce wrap: poached shrimp, red jim sauce,
crispy rice powder, toasted coconut
Chicken satay bamboo skewer:
lemongrass ginger marinade, sweet chili jam glaze

Jovial Belgian-style Dubbel Ale – 7.5% abv
Assorted meringues:
almond chocolate, maple walnut and pistachio pomegranate